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With an eye on the horizon, we value steady progress over quick returns

ELBRUKS is the leading provider of quantitative trading signals. Gain a competitive edge in the financial markets by leveraging our cutting-edge signals based on data analysis and algorithmic models.


Invest Wise

In the quest for a comfortable retirement, a lucrative side venture, or simply a dependable investment, many turn to trading platforms. While some invest heavily in financial education and others dedicate hours to understanding the stock market, market volatility often triggers panic, leading to hasty, ill-informed decisions—and losses.

At ELBRUKS, we specialize in the financial markets, empowering our clients to harness its potential for consistent profits with our advanced tools and trading signals. Developed in collaboration with experts from Brandeis University, University of Michigan, and University of Groningen, our solutions utilize technical analysis, macro strategies, and various optimization and reinforcement learning algorithms to deliver: 


Bear Market Guardian

Daily trading signals to navigate bear markets, shielding you from major downturns. 

Are you constantly grappling with the unpredictability of the market? Emotional decisions often lead to rash actions in trading. When stocks begin their descent, a cloud of uncertainty compels many to prematurely withdraw, sometimes mitigating potential losses, but more often than not, taking a significant hit. Bear Market Guardian is our answer to this volatility. 

Our historical backtest results reveal a maximum drawdown below 20%, emphasizing the focus on steady capital growth even during market downturns.


Daily trading signals tailored for retail investors, focusing on the stocks from the S&P 500 Index for a proactive investment approach. 

Think you're doing well with a consistent 10% annual return? While many 'gurus' tout this figure as the gold standard, there are traders outperforming this benchmark. Ever heard of someone significantly boosting their gains with the right guidance? 

AlphaPicks provides a reliable daily trading signal, highlighting the top 10 stocks to consider each day. Spending just 15 minutes daily, you can effectively use this signal for your day trading activities. While it's not a quick fix for instant wealth, this tool, crafted for day traders, aims to deliver a steady 20% annual capital growth. 

A woman at the office overlooking the city skyline
"I've been using the alphapicks signal for several weeks now, and I must say, I'm loving it. The accuracy and reliability of their signals have helped me make well-informed trading decisions. It's like having a trusted advisor by my side. Highly recommended!"

Alba L, CA

Dive into a world of informed trading. Join us today!

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