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Unleash the Power of Individual Stock Trading

AlphaPicks is your ultimate tool for actively trading individual stocks and unlocking the potential for higher returns. Our daily trading signal is specifically designed for retail investors who seek a more hands-on approach to investing, targeting the 10 best stocks from the renowned S&P 500 index. With our proven track record and innovative approach, we empower you to make informed decisions and maximize your trading opportunities.


In stock trading, there are two main terrains: the bull market and the bear market. With Alpha Picks, we excel in both scenarios, ensuring consistent profits whether the market is soaring or dipping.

The intricacies of stock trading demand a keen understanding of market shifts and profound analytical skills. At Alpha Picks, we prioritize steady and significant gains. Allow us to handle the intricate calculations and analyses, and you can simply enjoy the unwavering growth of your capital.

Key Features:​

  1. Daily List of Top Ranking Stocks: Our signal algorithm identifies and selects the 10 best stocks from the vast universe of the S&P 500 index on a daily basis. By utilizing a sophisticated combination of multiple indicators, refined through an optimized genetic algorithm, we provide you with a curated list of stocks that demonstrate strong potential for growth and profitability.

  2. Targeted for Active Traders: Active Stock Picker is designed specifically for retail investors who have a keen interest in actively trading individual stocks rather than pursuing index-based investing. This signal strategy caters to your desire for more hands-on involvement, allowing you to capitalize on the unique opportunities offered by individual stock movements.

Backtesting Results

To demonstrate the effectiveness of our strategy, we conducted an extensive backtest from 2015 to 2023, comparing our signal against two benchmarks: SPY (ETF tracking S&P 500 Index) and a portfolio consisting of the top 10 biggest S&P 500 stocks by market capitalization. Here are the numerical results:





Let's take a closer look at how AlphaPicks compares to the benchmark strategies of SPY (ETF) and the Top 10 S&P 500 Stocks:

  1. Return: With AlphaPicks, our users have achieved an impressive return of 21.6%. This outperforms the returns of both the SPY (13.8%) and the Top 10 S&P 500 Stocks (20.9%). By leveraging our elite stock selection approach, we enable our users to capture alpha and maximize their potential for market gains.

  2. Volatility: We understand the importance of managing risk in the dynamic world of trading. AlphaPicks has demonstrated a volatility of 17.5%, which is lower than both the SPY (18.8%) and the Top 10 S&P 500 Stocks (21.4%). Our methodology aims to strike a balance between generating returns and mitigating unnecessary risk, providing our users with a smoother and more controlled trading experience.

  3. Maximum Drawdown: Protecting capital during market downturns is crucial for long-term success. AlphaPicks has showcased a maximum drawdown of 31.2%, outperforming both the SPY (33.7%) and the Top 10 S&P 500 Stocks (33.0%). Our robust stock selection methodology aims to minimize losses during challenging market conditions, helping our users preserve their investments and stay resilient.

  4. Sharpe Ratio: The Sharpe Ratio measures the risk-adjusted return of an investment. AlphaPicks has achieved an impressive Sharpe Ratio of 1.24, surpassing both the SPY (0.73) and the Top 10 S&P 500 Stocks (0.98). This demonstrates that our signal not only generates attractive returns but also provides a superior risk-adjusted performance, optimizing the risk-reward balance for our users.

  5. Calmar Ratio: The Calmar Ratio evaluates the relationship between average annual return and maximum drawdown. AlphaPicks has achieved a notable Calmar Ratio of 0.69, outperforming both the SPY (0.41) and the Top 10 S&P 500 Stocks (0.63). This highlights our commitment to generating consistent returns while effectively managing downside risk.

Buy and Hold SPY
Top 10 S&P 500 Stocks
Calmar Ratio
Sharpe Ratio
Maximum Drawdown

Backtest Results: Comparative Analysis of Alpha Picks


At AlphaPicks, our elite stock selection methodology has consistently outperformed benchmark strategies. With our signal, users can unlock alpha opportunities, achieve impressive returns, manage risk effectively, and preserve capital during challenging market conditions. Subscribe to AlphaPicks today and gain access to a powerful trading tool that helps you uncover the hidden potential of the stock market.


How it works?

1. Join the Alpha Picks Community

  • Kickstart your journey to smarter investing by subscribing to Alpha Picks. Once onboard, you're primed to receive our exclusive daily stock signals.

2. Get Your Morning Stock Alert

  • At the break of dawn, and just moments before the market swing begins, Alpha Picks ensures you're ahead of the curve. Precisely at 9:15 AM EST, we send out a list of the top 10 stock picks for the day, handpicked by our seasoned experts.

3. Make Your Move

  • Once you're armed with our daily stock insights, the choice is yours. Whether you want to invest in one, a handful, or all 10 stocks, you're in control. Remember, the market opens at 9:30 AM EST, so you have a brief window to make your investment decisions.

4. Time to Cash Out

  • Timing is crucial in the stock market. To that end, we send a timely alert at 3:45 PM EST, advising you to sell the day's investments. This positions you to reap potential benefits just before the market concludes at 4:00 PM EST.

5. Watch Your Capital Grow

  • By religiously following our daily signals and timely selling advice, subscribers are set on a path that aims for an attractive 20% annual growth. Your capital is not just safe; it thrives!

Embrace the Alpha Picks methodology and elevate your stock trading experience. We're here to be your daily guiding hand towards consistent financial growth.

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Alpha Picks


Unleash the Power of Individual Stock Trading.

The services offered by Elbruks are entirely free. There are no upfront fees, subsequent payments, or extra steps required to begin utilizing Elbruks.

You can seamlessly cancel your subscription anytime - simply fill the cancellation form through the provided link, and we'll promptly handle it, no questions asked. Feel free to email us at if you are facing any issues.

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